The Ovid Bell Press partners with PrintReleaf.

The certified reforestation service offered by PrintReleaf gives our clients an option to participate in reforestation efforts that directly offset the paper used for their publication. Products printed with PrintReleaf Certification bear the PrintReleaf logo, which enables publishers and their readers to see details about the number and location of trees planted on their behalf.

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Along with adding the opportunity to use the services of PrintReleaf, The Ovid Bell Press has a longstanding commitment of being good stewards of the environment. We are committed to reducing our impact on both our local community of Fulton, Missouri as well as the environment in general.

We generate a lot of aluminum plates each month, more than 10,000 plates per month! Instead of putting those plates into a landfill, we collect and recycle them. This allows the plates to be used for another purpose as well as reduce our impact on the local landfills.

Ever wonder what we do with all the small trimmings from our bind lines? Maybe you don’t, but we do! We collect all those trimmings into large bales and then send them off to the recycler, along with the ends of the rolls of paper from press, and all other paper waste that we collect throughout the plant.

We also use a lot of pallets. The ones we cannot reuse, we recycle. The wood can be used for other things and keeps them out of our landfills.

The printing process creates volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. We take very seriously the amount of VOCs that we emit into the atmosphere. We strive to be at or below the federal limit and every time we’re tested, we are consistently below our limit.

These and other environmental initiatives at The Ovid Bell Press ensure that we use our resources wisely and greatly reduce our impact in our community and the world. We want to leave the world a better place for future generations and we are constantly looking at ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

We Support your eco-friendly choices


Eliminated the need for paper proofs on press, saving paper and toner.

Use motion-activated light switches in parts of the plant to reduce energy usage.

Use and recycle environmentally friendly aluminum plates.

Donate all old computers and electronics to a local high school for their repurposing program.

Remain 100 percent compliant with EPA standards and strive to exceed requirements.

Employ a water saving feature on our processors to stop water waste. All water is now recycled.

Switched to new ink formulas which are non-hazardous, allowing us to be classified as a “Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator” (that means we dispose of less than 220 pounds of hazardous waste per month).


Follow an employee Total Quality Management system to encourage employees’ suggestions on reducing waste, improving safety, improving quality and efficiency in the plant.

Recycle all paper waste generated by the plant, including scraps and trim generated on the production lines, through the use of a cyclone waste paper removal system that collects and bales the waste.

Purchase ink for presses in large bulk containers, eliminating the waste of smaller containers and the use of shipping containers.

Send inks, oily water and solvent wastes to a disposal company that uses them for incineration fuel – never to a landfill.

Utilize a heat recovery system on the air compressors in the bindery to capture heat for heating the bindery in the colder months.