Jennifer Rubenstein | Owner

Edible Indy

I own Edible Indy. We are a part of the Edible communities. We are actually a food magazine, so we’re storytellers about the “behind” why food is so important, and why it’s so important within your community to support local food movement. My husband and I we purchased the magazine in 2013, so the Edible Indy is part of the Edible communities, which actually has been around for about 15 years. It was started in Ojai California as just a newsletter, and they decided that there were a lot of people who really loved the content that they figured they could actually produce a magazine out of it. So, 15 years later there’s 87 of us that are telling the local food stories within our communities.

We really pride ourselves in being storytellers, but what makes us probably more different than anything is that we tell the story behind the story. So, we like to tell the story of why the chefs choose these farms and the local farms, why people have presented themselves as artisan makers of beautiful jams, or breads, or bakeries. It’s so important within our communities especially where we’re from which we’re in Central Indiana, so we pride ourselves in the Hoosier food movement.

Part of us being with the Edible communities is we all talk to each other, so we actually were working with another Edible who decided to reach out and touch base with Ovid Bell Printer just to touch base as far as costs, paper, quality, community relations, and how all of that is reflected upon with relationships when it comes to actually the process of printing, and so they approached me as well to be a part of this discussion.

We started talking with Gary Ervin and I just really enjoyed meeting him, his background, his experience, and then from that it naturally flowed into meeting with Troy, and David, and then of course, we met Sara, and all of these other people. It felt like home. It was extremely important to us to build upon a relationship that we can have for a very long time because we have to trust out printers. We have to trust them with giving us the best quality, the best product on time, and so we just felt like a year and a half ago when we decided to take this leap that Ovid Bell was the right choice.

What I love about working with Ovid Bell is the fact that they take the time to listen to us as customers, which is extremely important because I’m very vocal within my community, within my life, as a storyteller. They really understand where I’m coming from. They listen to us when we have concerns. If there’s anything remotely that comes up during the printing process that might be of concern they contact us, they reach out, so they’re very proactive versus reactive, which really makes my job and my life a little bit more easy. That’s what I’m looking for is someone who can, again, it can be that long lasting relationship, and something that I can put complete trust and faith in. And really everybody from all different levels of OBP’s process they all are very interactive with me, and so that makes wonderfulness.

Edible Indy | edibleindy.ediblecommunities.com/

"What I love about working with Ovid Bell is the fact that they take the time to listen to us.

Sal Cincotta | Publisher & Editor in Chief

Shutter Magazine

"They care about our success, and they're willing to do anything to help us succeed.

My name is Sal Cincotta and I am the Publisher and Editor in Chief of Shutter Magazine. Four years ago, we started Shutter Magazine as a digital publication but we quickly realized the need for something tangible and tactile. Consumers want something in their hands that they can flip through. So contrary to popular belief, print is not dead.

About two years ago, we met with Ovid Bell Press to talk about our vision and bringing this to life. We had no idea what the print process looked like. We were completely amateur in this respect. Ovid Bell Press took us through every step of the process to ensure that we understood this new world of print media and we’ve been with them ever since.

What I like most about working with OBP is the level of relationship and commitment from them. When they come out to our studio they care about our business, they care about our growth, they care about our success and they’re willing to do anything to help us succeed.

When we talk about something that might stand out that they’ve done over the years – we’re a photography publication, nothing is more important in our publication than color. So early on in the process, knowing how important color was to us, and seeing how we were struggling getting that color to be perfect, meaning matching from what we were shown them on our computer screen to what that final print was looking like. They brought out a color expert to our studio and they sat side by side with us and ensured that the color was spot on with the final publication. And I gotta tell you, I’ve seen a lot of publications out there where skin doesn’t look the right way – where blues are not blue, and reds are not red, and I’m proud to say that the color gamut inside of Shutter Magazine is what it is today only because of the dedication and commitment of the staff and team at OBP. That is a true business partner and without them, our magazine would not be where it is today.

Shutter Magazine | behindtheshutter.com

Justin Williams | Publisher & CEO

North & South Brunswick Magazine

My name is Justin Williams and I’m the Publisher and CEO of North and South Brunswick Magazine.

I chose to work with Ovid Bell Press because I met with David O’Donley back in 2008, we went out for coffee he seemed like a really straight shooter, down-to-earth type of guy. In addition to that, after he quoted my product, the pricing was competitive, the quality was great, and after seeing the quality of the samples of products, I knew that Ovid Bell Press was the company for me.

What I like working with Ovid Bell Press is, the people here are just great, they seem to have your best interests in mind, and they seem to be always looking out for you as the customer.

One moment that stands out to me, working with Ovid Bell Press is, I had a particular edition where I’d overpaid on my shipping costs and my sales rep, Shannon Sparks, called me and said “You know, you overpaid,” so I received a credit and and a lot of companies just don’t do that. I just appreciated the honesty and integrity of this group of individuals that are just so awesome to deal with. And that’s why I choose to keep my business with Ovid Bell Press.

North & South Brunswick Magazine southbrunswickmagazine.com, northbrunswickmagazine.com

"They seem to always be looking out for you as the customer.


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