There used to be an adage, Quality, Speed, Price, pick any two. Some printers still adhere to that thought, but not The Ovid Bell Press! We’ve been in this business for over 90 years and have refined our processes to ensure that we offer our customers all three. When you print with us, you’ll receive the highest quality product, a very quick turnaround time and an excellent price.

You’ve spent many long hours putting your publication together, taken care to select each photograph, color palette and font to best convey your message to your end customer. Now, who do you trust to turn your vision of your magazine into reality? Someone who’s been in this business for a long time, someone who understands and cares about your business, someone who can help you succeed. That’s The Ovid Bell Press!

We’re not just printing another magazine…we’re printing your magazine. We take care to ensure that everything’s perfect. We know that this is your vision, that you allow us to bring it to life. We offer outstanding service and flexibility. We offer quality checks throughout the entire manufacturing process. We treat our customers like we’d like to be treated, with professionalism, respect and a high-quality product, all at a very competitive price.

We take your publication from concept to completion


Our digital prepress processes offer tremendous flexibility to our clients.  We understand that many of our clients work around the clock. Insite is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your convenience.  Insite offers feedback almost immediately so that you can address any concerns right away and at your convenience.

Your publication comes to life on press, where technology, our high standards, and the experience of skilled pressmen and come together to create a quality product.

We have been successful in building a strong reputation in periodical and catalog printing. We continually work to improve our efficiencies and quality standards to better serve all of our clients.

Heat-set web presses handle our work, including in-line UV coating. Offline gloss or soft touch film lamination is now available.

We utilize closed-loop color management systems and print to industry SWOP standards. Our G7 certification ensures accurate color from the first form to the last.

Providing you with choice and value, we keep a wide variety of house papers representing many weights and finishes.

Switching printers doesn’t have to be hard. The OBP is an easy choice and we make it even easier with a clear appreciation for how daunting the switch from one printer to another can be. Our team will guide you through the process seamlessly and painlessly.


Binding may not get the attention that putting ink on paper does, but it’s vitally important to the durability of your publication. That’s why we pride ourselves on ensuring customer publications are gathered, bound and trimmed to exact specifications.

We continue to invest in the equipment needed to support our customers’ priorities and growing needs.

Our purchase of a cyclone waste paper removal system enables us to collect, bale and recycle all paper waste generated by the plant, including scraps and trim generated on the production lines.

Our purchase of the binder featured in the video below tripled our capacity, and enables us to produce thicker and thinner perfect-bound products. The binder purchase provides technology to improve the fidelity of inline tipping and insertion of ancillary pieces, provides inline mailing, supports PUR adhesive to ensure robust book spines for our large catalog customers, and provides ergonomic improvements that allow our employees to focus more on the product and less on the machine.

These investments are in keeping with our commitment to continually increase the efficiencies that impact our customers’ experience.

Mailing & Shipping

Now it’s time to get your magazine on the road and into the hands of subscribers and distributors. Our mailing department will process your list using software that complies with all USPS requirements and offers NCOA Link and the full service IMB. We are a USPS plant-load site which means we can enter your publication in the mail stream directly from our docks.

We offer in-house mailing, and co-mail and direct drop-ship options to save postage and gain the fastest delivery time.We can assist you with mail list analysis and postal forms. Domestic mail, international, bulk shipping and freight – The Ovid Bell Press can handle all your mailing and shipping needs.

O Mag

As an added service to our clients, we offer you an economical and versatile digital edition of your publication.  We can quickly and easily convert your print pdf files into enhanced online digital publications that use flash-based, page-flip technology.  You receive the flexibility, interactivity and rich media features of your digital edition while maintaining the organization and design sense of your printed publication.

Switching printers doesn’t have to be hard. The OBP is an easy choice and we make it even easier with a clear appreciation for how daunting the switch from one printer to another can be. Our team will guide you through the process seamlessly and painlessly.