Prepress Guidelines


Prepress has changed dramatically over the years. Gone are the days when the customer would send in their artwork and the printer would make film negatives. This not only took time, but cost the customer money. The advances in prepress are a big reason why The OBP can turn around your magazine so quickly and cost effectively.  

Using InSite, our customers can upload their print-ready PDF files and within seconds receive preflight feedback and view their pages as they will print. This service is available 24/7. We know that you don’t just work 9-5 and neither does InSIte.

Once you’ve approved your PDF files, we’ll take it from there. We’ll impose and output plates for the very best color reproduction. The OBP is G7 certified which means that we’ll print consistently accurate color, from the first signature off the press to the very last.

How to prepare your files to be printed

PDF File Settings

It is important that you contact your CSR to get our presets for creating PDF files. This makes it easy and consistent for you to produce PDF files that will work most efficiently with InSite. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process of setting up your presets in your page layout software. Contact your CSR, or use the links below.

Page Size

The page size should be the final trim size of your publication. This ensures that the elements on the page print in the location that you expect. If the trim size of your layout file is different than the size you want The OBP to produce, please let your CSR know. All PDF files should have the same trim size and be single page PDF’s. Please do not create spreads unless otherwise requested by your OBP CSR.

Spine Copy

If your perfect bound title will have spine copy, please contact your CSR for the correct spine width. With that information, you can create the spine copy and upload it to InSite as a separate PDF file. If your spine has a wraparound image, contact your CSR for more detailed instructions.


Please allow 1/8” (9 points) of bleed for any image bleeding off the edge of the sheet. Bleeds are visible when viewing in InSite. If you have images not bleeding correctly, InSite will alert you with a warning.

Live Area

Viewing a page in InSite will display a dotted line that is ¼” in from the trim. This is the live area. Due to normal machine variances throughout the manufacturing process, it’s possible that images and type that is outside the live area could be cut off or obstructed on the final piece.

Color Space

We print in CMYK, so all other color spaces need to be converted to CMYK. InSite will automatically detect and convert RGB and other color spaces to the equivalent CMYK color. Pages that you view in InSite have been converted. Some customers prefer InSite convert to CMYK and others prefer to convert it themselves prior to PDF file upload.