Postal Increase

January 21, 2018 marks a day of change for mailing costs. It’s easy to understand that the Forever Stamp is increasing from $.49 to $.50.  And isn’t that easier for everyone anyway? For mailers of magazines and catalogs the rate increase can get very confusing and frightening.  We’ve cut through the jargon and gathered the most important detail for you – How will this affect you and your business?  Most of our clients use USPS Marketing Mail (Formerly known as Standard Mail), Periodicals and Bound Printed Matter.

This table summarizes the estimated increases for these services.


Class and Category Rate Change
First Class Mail 1.91%
USPS Marketing Mail Flats 1.55%
USPS Marketing Mail Letters -0.35%
Non-Profit USPS Marketing Mail Flats 5%
Non-Profit USPS Marketing Mail Letters 0.58%
Periodicals 1.92%
Non-Profit Periodicals 1.40%
Package Services 1.96%
Special Services 1.99%
Bound Printed Matter Presorted Flats -1.72%
Bound Printed Matter Presorted Parcels -3.04%
Bound Printed Matter Single Piece Flats 1.40%
Bound Printed Matter Single Piece Parcels 1.45%


To review the details of the rate case you can visit the USPS announcement here,

For any questions regarding your postage increase for 2018, please contact your OBP representative, or give us a call at (800)835-8919.

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