The Ovid Bell Press Announces Imminent Installation of New Perfect Binder

The Ovid Bell Press Announces Imminent Installation of New Perfect Binder

The team at The Ovid Bell Press is busy preparing for the installation of their brand new perfect binder.  The state of the art Muller Martini C12 Corona Binder will be in production soon with the installation scheduled to be complete early spring.  Exceling in the upper performance range, the Corona binder offers high levels of productivity, diversity and flexibility allowing the facility to provide a practical solution for ever changing customer needs.  This significant investment insures that the facility remains competitive in the industry and helps launch them to the next level of production capacity.

Current and future clients can look forward to better overall bind quality and broader binding potential.  With all the new innovation and smart solutions the scope of the improvements will be tested during the first few weeks of operation.  Stay tuned for announcements of capabilities this summer.

When asked what most excites them about the new equipment, Kevin Werdehausen, Production Manager for The Ovid Bell Press said, “I am excited to know that our company is willing to spend money on new technology and therefore investing in our employee’s futures.  This binder will give us the competitive edge we need to give the customer a superior product at a low cost.”  David O’Donley, Vice President Sales and Marketing stated, “The installation of this new piece of equipment will give us the added capacity we need in the bindery for perfect bound work at the end of the month.  In addition we will now be able to perfect bind thinner books, allowing our sales staff to sell publications that we were not able to bind before.”

The machine operators will enjoy faster setups with the machine’s unique automation and broader range of capabilities allowing for faster run times in general. The line will be all encompassing with bind, mail, auto strapping and auto boxing capabilities.  Special covers and inserts will run more easily and efficiently as well.

The future is now at The Ovid Bell Press, we are growing our family and skilled staff is always sought after. Interested parties are encouraged to submit their applications or resumes to  The application is downloadable from the website

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