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With recent shipping costs skyrocketing, Ovid Bell Press is among many companies that strive to keep rates as low as possible for their customers. According to CNN Money, the Labor Department reported companies paid almost 6% more for trucking in April 2018 than a year ago. This is the fastest growth in almost seven years. Companies like Tyson and General Mills are making strides to lessen the impact of the increased costs on their financial performance, as well as making sure the costs have little effect on the customers, according to Logistics Management.

There are many factors contributing to the rising costs of transporting goods. Rising gas prices, restricted hours on the road set by a new safety regulation, and an increase in the price of steel for freight systems are just a few factors. The low supply of qualified drivers seems to be the greatest cause of the cost increase, according to CNN Money. There are currently 500,000 long-haul drivers in the country, and many are working for low wages. Finding new drivers has been a struggle for the trucking industry as overall unemployment is at its lowest since 2000.

The Ovid Bell Press is equipped to handle all of its customers’ mailing and shipping needs, including keeping costs as low as possible despite the rate increase in transportation services. The Ovid Bell Press’s goal is to keep costs down while creating a close relationship with its vendors and always keeping their customers’ best interests in mind.

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