Niche Social Media Channels for Regional & Specialty Magazines

Social Media - Niche social channels to reach your niche audience

Chances are you already know how important using social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are for reaching your audience.

However, many publishers have unique target markets they’re trying to engage, and niche social media channels may help that effort. These channels allow you to reach and engage an audience with a specific range of interests and may align with your target market.

If you haven’t defined your target audience yet, our Making Your Brand Work Harder by Knowing Your Target Audience article can help.

Here are just a few of the most popular niche social media channels that regional and specialty magazine publishers can use to connect with their audience:

Local Community

  • Patch – Patch delivers news targeted to local communities with each community having its own “patch” with listings of local events and group discussion boards.
  • Neighborland – With Neighborland, locals can find projects and other civic opportunities in their region or neighborhood.
  • NextDoor – NextDoor is a private social network for members of the neighborhood that allows users to connect with one another and chat about area and neighborhood events and issues.

Food and Beverage

  • Bake Space – This social network connects bakers, allowing them to share their recipes and even make their very own cookbook.
  • Group Recipes – Group Recipes is a social network for sharing favorite recipes, making it a great channel for publishers focused on food.
  • Untappd – This app, which works much like Foursquare, is a community for beer lovers to discover new bars and beers while keeping track of what they’ve tried.
  • Snooth – Snooth is the social network for wine lovers, offering the latest news and information on wine as well as wine reviews.

Creativity and Design

  • Curbly – With Curbly, users can connect with others who have DIY projects and stories to share as well as post their own content.
  • Dribble – This online community of designers allows users to share shots of their work and creative processes.
  • Behance – Run by Adobe, this online community is a place for creatives to share their work and learn more about what’s possible with Adobe design tools.
  • Ravelry – This user-driven community brings together knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners, weavers, and dyers to share ideas and inspiration.
  • BurdaStyle – This network is for fashion-minded individuals and sewing enthusiasts who are looking for sewing advice.

Environment and Sustainability

  • Care2 – Publishers that focus on the environment or sustainability may find it useful to connect with others on this platform, which seeks to help people live healthier, greener lifestyles while supporting their favorite environmental causes.
  • Wiser – This site focuses on building more sustainable communities by making them more inclusive. It may be a good channel for publishers focusing on sustainability topics or families.

Outdoors and Sports

  • Athlinks – Publishers focused on fitness may find it helpful to access this large database of the world’s endurance athletes.
  • Thrill On – Branding itself as “home to all things epic & awesome,” Thrill On is a place for sports and outdoor enthusiasts to watch and share videos while connecting through the comments section.
  • YUDU – If you want to reach outdoor enthusiasts online, YUDU is the place to do it. This niche social media network allows users to share their photos and details of outdoor experiences while interacting with others in the community.

Health and Lifestyle

  • BlogHer – BlogHer is a space to find predominantly female readers who are interested in a range of women’s topics. It’s also the ideal spot to connect with influential and popular female bloggers.
  • CafeMom – This community of over 1 million moms offers advice and support for mothers focusing on a range of parenting, lifestyle, entertainment, and news topics.
  • Gentlemint – If your audience is predominately male then this community which discusses topics such as cars, sports, and guns might be a great way to reach your target market.
  • ThirdAge – ThirdAge is an online community for baby boomers and seniors who are looking for health advice and other information and a great place for relevant publishers to connect with this target audience.
  • Inspire – For publishers focused on health and wellness topics, Inspire is a great place to connect with members of the health community.


  • Quora – No matter what niche topic you may be focused on, experts in any subject can share their wisdom and develop a following on this popular Q&A site.
  • Instructables – This is another great channel for subject matter experts in any field as it allows you to share your wisdom with others on a range of topics.

These niche social channels offer attractive opportunities to reach and interact with individuals who are most likely to be interested in the content your magazine offers. By participating on these networks, you can connect with your audience by sharing content, images, and links, or simply starting a conversation in the comments section.

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