Leveraging Your Branding to Increase Ad Sales

Branding - Boosting Ad Revenue By Leveraging Branding

Now that you’ve done all you can to understand how to build a strong brand, identify your target audience and put it to work with some simple and effective techniques, you can focus on ways to boost advertising sales.

Once the seven indicators below are in place, you’ll be positioned to attract new advertisers and increase sales with existing advertisers.

You know your brand. When it comes to your publication, you know your values, your expertise, and the content and tone that best engages your audience. This sense of confidence – knowing what differentiates you in the landscape among other publications – makes a difference to someone deciding whether or not their ad will be seen by the right people. If you know your brand inside and out, you also know the exact types of businesses and services that will have the most success with your publication. How’s that for a selling point?

You know your readers. When talking to businesses who may be interested in buying ad space, you can clearly convey that you understand who is reading your publication. And when a potential advertiser hears you confidently speak about your readership and what their interests and motivations are, there is little question as to whether or not the right people will be seeing their ad. In a nutshell, you’ve already done the legwork for the advertiser in finding the right market for their message.

You know where your readers are. If you’re searching for new advertising customers, look to your readership to lead you by utilizing some of the strategy from building your brand. Find out with a simple poll what your readers’ favorite local services or businesses are, look at social media to see which places are most popular among your followers. Then reach out to those businesses and services to see if they would be interested in advertising with you. You could even employ the coupon tactic mentioned in our blog post about digital tactics for print advertisements. If you know your readers love certain places and things, make it easy for advertisers to see they could drive even more repeat purchases/visits with your publication.

You utilize digital channels. You might have a print magazine, but that doesn’t mean your brand stays on the printed page only. Showing that you understand the power of having an online presence through social media and a polished, professional website will be a solid selling point. Even though an advertiser might only buy ad space in the print magazine, they see that their dollars go further with your digital tactics and savvy. For example, you can let advertisers know of the special section on your website where you feature the names, websites and bios of businesses who advertise with you. Or maybe you feature certain businesses on your social channels as a way to drive dollars to local businesses.

You interact with your readers. If you’re utilizing social media, you’re engaged and interacting with your readers in a way that allows you to be responsive to their interests and levels of engagement in certain topics. Consider using some of these interactions or responses in your sales pitch. It isn’t hard to convey how the advertisements on your pages fit with your audience if you’re keeping up with their needs and interests. Additionally, if you notice new trends among your readers, you’re nimble enough to notice them and get new ideas for new advertising customers.

You know the right messages. Knowing your audience allows you to create great content ideas, but it also helps you create better customized advertisements for those businesses who don’t do it themselves. In knowing the right tone, voice and messages that best resonate with your audience, you can better craft advertising copy and visuals that will appeal to your readership, yet stay in line with that particular company’s offerings or services.

You’re responsive and attentive. If you’ve incorporated anything about the details of your branding or the depth of your audience knowledge into your sales pitch, you’ve likely conveyed that you’re paying attention to your customers. Don’t forget to mention that this responsiveness is part of your level of customer service as well. After all, who doesn’t want to work with someone who values their business and responds to their questions and concerns?

In the end, spotlighting your efforts to build your brand and define your audience will result in making your publication stand out to potential advertising customers. The hard work you are doing to maintain your social channels, website and outstanding level of customer service will be valued by advertisers because you will be able to help them captivate your audience with messaging that resonates.

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