Inspiring and Hiring: OBP Recruiting the Next Generation


The Ovid Bell Press (OBP) is preparing to celebrate Manufacturing Day this Friday, Oct. 5. We are a company committed to the fair and ethical treatment of our employees, which includes good working conditions and fair compensation.

On 2018 Manufacturing Day, we are striving to remind young people of the excellent opportunities a career in manufacturing provides, by sharing the stories of our employees and attending events in our area.

The right choice for our people

Julie Hone has worked at OBP for 36 years. She started out in the mailroom, then transferred to their bindery, where she’s been a bindery helper for many years.

“I was practically born into the printing industry. My father, Raymond Miller, worked [at OBP] for 49 years and retired from here. My uncle, John F. Miller, worked here many years as a working foreman in the bindery. My sister Karla was the manager of Customer Service. It was just a given that I would work here, too.”

It’s a career path she would recommend, especially to young people who don’t plan on attending college. The benefits she’s experienced are numerous, such as “getting to know the different machines that are used to create a magazine, learning the paper weights and types, learning how magazines are printed and come together, how much goes into the mailing process to get the magazine to the right person at the right address.”

For anyone just started out in a manufacturing career, she recommends paying attention above all else.

“Listen to what you are being told. Pair them up with a mentor that will let them watch what they are doing and then allow them to ask questions along the way,” she advised.

Marsha Pugh has been with OBP for 30 years, working in the bindery and the mailroom. She is currently the Shipping/Receiving Working Foreman. Pugh started at OBP almost right out of high school after a friend recommended she apply. She’s enjoyed the good pay, benefits and family atmosphere, and would recommend a manufacturing career to young people just entering the workforce.

“In manufacturing, you are able to learn a trade and advance through the company, making this a career choice and not just a job,” she said. She advised newcomers, “Begin at the bottom and learn all the jobs. This will give you empathy for others that follow in your footsteps – to know what they are going through when they are holding that position.”

Sarah Meyer began in OBP Customer Service as a planner more than 17 years ago. She is currently the Scheduler. The work is challenging, but rewarding, and she would recommend manufacturing as a career to others.

“It’s ever evolving. There’s something new to learn every day, and you don’t realize what it takes to make a product until you’ve worked a manufacturing job,” she said. Her advice to those new to the industry: “Have patience! Lots and lots of patience. And don’t forget to wear your PPE (personal protective equipment).”

Francisco Chaidez has worked at OBP for nearly 23 years, and enjoys the family atmosphere.

“Everyone helps out everyone else.”

Chaidez started out as a web stacker in the pressroom and is currently a second pressman. He recommends manufacturing as a career and had some suggestions for people considering or starting out in the industry.

“Come in, show up on time, train on all the machines, do your job, stay busy, look for ways to advance.”

Celebrating MFG DAY

OBP is celebrating Manufacturing Day with their local Chamber of Commerce as part of a “Business After Hours” event on Tuesday, October 2. On October 5 – the actual Manufacturing Day – representatives will network with local high school students and guidance counselors. They’ll keep going through October 16, when OBP will attend Career Day at Fulton High School.

A great career choice

We strive to be a good employer, good community member and good partner to our customers. That starts with our people. If you think OBP might be a good career choice for you, please visit the careers page at We look forward to the possibilities in store for you, our company and the industry.

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