Revenue - Tips for increasing subscriptions

25 Apr: Tips to Help Magazine Publishers Increase Subscriptions

Whether a magazine publisher has a distribution blend that is entirely subscriber-based, or is a mix of free-at-the-newsstand and subscriber, finding new ways to increase subscriptions is always a focus. Knowing where to find new ideas that might work for your publication can be a challenge, so we’re sharing some…

Revenue - The Benefits of Building Partnerships with Libraries

18 Apr: The Benefits of Building Partnerships with Libraries

There is no better temple to the printed word than our public libraries. So why not consider making sure that your publication – and by extension, your brand – has a home in them? There are some great opportunities to consider regarding a library’s role in your publication’s success and…

Revenue - Finding Non-Ad Revenue

11 Apr: Thinking Outside the Box – Ideas for Non-Ad Revenue

It’s safe to say that advertising revenue is top of mind for many magazine publishers, especially when it represents a major source of revenue for a publisher’s budget. Since selling advertising space can be a challenge, it’s beneficial to evaluate revenue models that include other income sources. Read on for…