27 Apr: Magazine Publishers Win When Print, Mobile Website and Mobile App Coexist

In 2012, Jason Pontin wrote at MIT’s that many magazine publishers believed employing a mobile app would save their product. They could reverse the devastating financial effects of free digital access. Unlike digital replicas on a website, magazines would “run on ‘native’ applications [those developed by the publisher] on…

Printing Tips - Printing Term Glossary

11 Jul: A Glossary of Common Printing Terms

Common words take on uncommon meaning when they get “jargonized.” It happens in just about every industry, including printing. To help you understand us – and the printing process – better, we’ve compiled this glossary that covers many of the common terms used in printing. We’ve focused on those words…

Retention - How Magazine Publishers Can Make The Most of TradeShows

27 Jun: How to Make the Most of Trade Shows

Trade shows only last a few days, but successful show participation takes a year-round commitment. Your involvement begins long before the show and continues long after. Having a map to guide you can make the journey smoother, more effective and more economical. Here are some questions to ask yourself before…