revenue - increasing revenue with podcasts
Can Podcasts Benefit Regional Magazine Publishers?

After recently exploring how blogs can help magazine publishers boost ad sales, we’re turning to another type of on-demand media that has been enjoying a surge in popularity – the podcast. While it might not be an obvious choice, it’s something that could potentially be perfect for regional publishers. As…

Revenue - Increasing ad sales with a blog
How Magazine Publishers Can Use a Blog to Increase Ad Sales

It seems that everyone has a blog, and it’s no wonder why. Our appetite for on-demand media consumption has fueled the proliferation of blogs that provide consistent, relatable content on a wide variety of topics. But, with everyone else doing it, what can magazine publishers do to gain benefit from…

Revenue - Tips for increasing subscriptions
Tips to Help Magazine Publishers Increase Subscriptions

Whether a magazine publisher has a distribution blend that is entirely subscriber-based, or is a mix of free-at-the-newsstand and subscriber, finding new ways to increase subscriptions is always a focus. Knowing where to find new ideas that might work for your publication can be a challenge, so we’re sharing some…

Revenue - The Benefits of Building Partnerships with Libraries
The Benefits of Building Partnerships with Libraries

There is no better temple to the printed word than our public libraries. So why not consider making sure that your publication – and by extension, your brand – has a home in them? There are some great opportunities to consider regarding a library’s role in your publication’s success and…

Revenue - Finding Non-Ad Revenue
Thinking Outside the Box – Ideas for Non-Ad Revenue

It’s safe to say that advertising revenue is top of mind for many magazine publishers, especially when it represents a major source of revenue for a publisher’s budget. Since selling advertising space can be a challenge, it’s beneficial to evaluate revenue models that include other income sources. Read on for…