Revenue - Increasing Revenue and Readership with Facebook
Tips for Magazine Publishers to Grow Their Markets with Facebook

You’ve probably seen Facebook in the news for all the wrong reasons, right? Despite this, businesses have continued spending advertising dollars on Facebook, and some businesses have even been increasing their advertising spend on the platform. As a marketer mentions in this article about Facebook’s data-misuse scandals, they don’t see…

Printing Tips - Printing Term Glossary
A Glossary of Common Printing Terms

Common words take on uncommon meaning when they get “jargonized.” It happens in just about every industry, including printing. To help you understand us – and the printing process – better, we’ve compiled this glossary that covers many of the common terms used in printing. We’ve focused on those words…

Retention - How Magazine Publishers Can Make The Most of TradeShows
How to Make the Most of Trade Shows

Trade shows only last a few days, but successful show participation takes a year-round commitment. Your involvement begins long before the show and continues long after. Having a map to guide you can make the journey smoother, more effective and more economical. Here are some questions to ask yourself before…

Retention - Best Practices for Retaining Advertising Clients
Best Practices for Publishers to Retain Magazine Advertisers

When it comes to selling advertising, retaining clients is one of the easiest ways for magazine publishers to ensure revenue stability. As most organizations have experienced, it’s cheaper to retain clients than it is to identify, attract and sell to new clients. In addition to providing consistent revenue, veteran clients…