Printing Tips - Mail List Hygiene
How to keep your mailing list clean AND save time and money

In 2019, the population of the United States has reached approximately 329.5 million. About 40 million of those citizens have changed or will change their home and/or business address. That’s about 12 percent of Americans. It’s a significant number and brings up a good reason to make sure your mailing…

Revenue - Tips to Sell Magazine Ads
10 Tips for Successful Magazine Advertising Sales

The secrets to selling magazine advertising, for both print and online publications, are the same “secrets” your advertisers use to help sell their products and services … communicating: Features Benefits Calls to action This sounds simple enough, but you’ve probably seen advertising sales staff ignore them in practice. There are…

Revenue - Tips for Alumni Magazine Publishers to Increase Fundraising
Tips for Alumni Magazine Publishers to Increase Fundraising

Alumni magazine publishers are always looking for ways to strengthen the brand impression of the institutions they represent. And they’re looking for ways to increase their effectiveness with encouraging alumni to give money to support the school. One particular consultant believes these can both be achieved by focusing on one…

Branding - Partnering With Nonprofits
How to help nonprofits while boosting your own revenue

As covered in our Benefits of Building Partnerships with Libraries article, partnering with nonprofits can be a great way to grow non-advertising revenue. It can also be a great way to boost your own brand recognition. Print magazines help non-profits meet their goals A few years ago, Lindsay Oberst at…