Digital - Making the Most Out of Your Publication Website
Getting the Most From Your Publication’s Website

Most magazine publishers have put a lot of effort into setting up a website to support their print publication. Though the offerings and level of detail and content may vary, all will share one similarity—they serve as a digital point of contact for readers and advertisers. Since websites can be…

Digital - Adding Digital Value to Print Ads
How to Add Digital Value to Print Advertisements

Print ads are the most trusted advertising channel for consumers making a purchase decision. That is the key finding of MarketingSherpa’s recent consumer research study. And, given the reach potential and immediacy of digital advertising, the question for magazine publishers is how to best utilize digital channels to add value…

Content Curation - 10 Best Practices
Effective Content Curation – 10 Best Practices

It’s true that content like blog posts and eBooks are vital to helping your organization attract and engage your audience. It’s also true that consistently generating new content is a difficult and time-consuming undertaking. Content curation can help with that. If you aren’t exactly certain what content curation is, you’re…

Social Media - Posting Frequency Best Practices
Best Practices for Social Media Post Frequency

Though we can all agree that being present on social media is vital for organizations, marketers aren’t always certain how often they should be posting content on their social media channels. Unfortunately, there is no one right answer. But thankfully, there are some best practice guidelines. Organizations can use these…

Instagram - Revenue for Publishers
How Magazine Publishers Can Monetize Instagram and Boost Revenue

Now that your Instagram business account is set up, and you’re posting like a pro to grow your audience, it’s time to make effective use of Instagram to increase revenue. While Instagram might not seem like an obvious revenue stream for magazine publishers, the growing numbers are encouraging. According to…