Branding - Making the Most of Your Brand
Simple Ideas for Publishers to Amplify Their Brand

Once you have followed the basics of building a strong brand and worked to define your target audience, you’ll want to be sure to make the most of your brand development efforts. Below are several ideas to help magazine publishers increase their brand footprint and audience. Events Think of events…

know your target auidence
Making Your Brand Work Harder By Knowing Your Target Audience

Creating a strong brand is important for magazine publishers, as we shared in our article focused on tips to create a strong brand. But none of your hard work to will matter if your message doesn’t align with your target audience’s priorities. Identifying your target audience is one of the most…

Branding - Fundamentals of building a strong brand
The Basics of Building a Strong Brand

The term branding gets thrown around a lot these days and can seemingly reference anything from a logo to a company’s color palette to their tagline and advertising campaigns. So, what exactly is branding and how does it apply to regional publishers? What is branding? Branding is what gives your…

Digital - Best Practices for a Cohesive Channel Strategy
Best Practices for a Cohesive Digital Channel Strategy

Once you’ve put in the hard work of creating and maintaining various digital channels for your publication, don’t let your hard work go to waste. To get the most out of your online channels, it’s important to make sure everything works together to create a unified voice for your publication….

Digital - Elevating Customer Experience
Leveraging Digital Tools to Elevate Customer Experience

In the age of on-demand everything, customers expect fast responses and ease when contacting a company. That’s why, for magazine publishers who depend heavily on their loyal customer base, providing good customer service as part of an overall positive customer experience is as important as ever. In fact, 62% of…