Best Practices for Social Media Post Frequency

Social Media - Posting Frequency Best Practices

Though we can all agree that being present on social media is vital for organizations, marketers aren’t always certain how often they should be posting content on their social media channels.

Unfortunately, there is no one right answer. But thankfully, there are some best practice guidelines.

Organizations can use these social media post frequency best practices as a guide, and then tailor them as they track how their target audience responds.

Below, we’ve gathered some of these best practices to help you get started or refine what you’re doing today.

Follow your audience’s cues

You don’t need to post on every channel every day to have an effective social media strategy. In fact, many marketers believe you should focus on specific channels.

Which ones? That takes some research on your part to determine where your target audience spends most of their time online.

You can start by looking for the latest social media usage statistics from reputable organizations. Pew Research Center’s findings break down audience demographics for each channel.

And, if you have the ability to contact some of your audience by email, you could conduct a survey to find out which social media channels they use most.

Post based on the best practices for each social channel

Once you’ve determined which social media channels to focus on, it’s time to develop a posting schedule. Higher posting frequency works well with the fast-paced nature of Twitter. Facebook or Instagram need a “less is more” approach.

Here are posting frequency recommendations from CoSchedule:

  • Facebook: 1 post per day
  • Twitter: 15 Tweets per day
  • Pinterest: 11 Pins per day
  • LinkedIn: 1 post per day
  • Instagram: 1-2 posts per day

Some of these numbers might seem high, but that’s due to the fact that building an engaged audience is difficult.

This is especially true for those social media channels that have chosen to limit organic reach in favor of paid posts.

Do some research on posting frequency for your brand’s industry

It’s obvious that your target audience impacts your social media channel focus choices, but don’t forget to consider your industry as well.

HubSpot’s industry-focused report breaks down channel focus and post frequency for several industries.

Adopt a “quality over quantity” mantra

No matter what frequency you choose, it’s important to focus on quality over quantity. It doesn’t matter if you follow best practices for post frequency if the content you’re posting doesn’t provide value to your audience. Fluff content won’t get a favorable response, and it may simply prompt your audience to skip over your posts altogether, even when it’s of value and engaging.


In the end, you’ll need to experiment to find a social media post frequency that works best for your organization.

Limiting your focus to key channels will help you determine what resonates with your audience, and will enable you to tailor posting frequency to your audience’s preferences.

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