Best Practices for a Cohesive Digital Channel Strategy

Digital - Best Practices for a Cohesive Channel Strategy

Once you’ve put in the hard work of creating and maintaining various digital channels for your publication, don’t let your hard work go to waste. To get the most out of your online channels, it’s important to make sure everything works together to create a unified voice for your publication.

A cohesive content marketing plan allows your brand to stand out by delivering a consistent message, no matter where a reader or potential advertiser finds you.

Don’t think of each channel independently. Instead, think of each channel as being a different vehicle that allows you to communicate the same message in the same voice, albeit a different way. For Facebook, you might focus more on catchy content, versus Instagram, where you’ll want to focus on captivating imagery.

Your brand is the thread that runs throughout all of your channels. So, it’s important that they have a cohesive look and feel, tone and consistent content themes.

Bridge all channels to your brand visually. On the most basic level, be sure that your name, logo and brand identity match on each channel. Your channels will operate more efficiently by making an effortless connection for your audience.

Bridge channels topically by leveraging current content. Even if you only utilize two channels, like a website and a Facebook page, you can still make your channels work together and give your audience a reason to engage with your publication frequently. Teasing the current issue’s content is a great way to pique interest and can be easily accomplished by utilizing visuals that link directly to your publication’s imagery.

This enables you to utilize your social media channels to drive traffic to your website and increase potential for generating revenue or capturing leads.

Don’t forget your strategy. If your goal is to increase revenue through subscriptions and ad revenue, map out how all of your channels can work together to drive this goal. For example, you could run a promotion on your social channels offering a percentage off of a year subscription that drives to your website and phone number to learn more.

Or, to enhance results for your advertisers, you could utilize readership demographics or success metrics of current advertisers on your social channels, then push to a phone number or email to call you to find out more.

If you know it, show it. If your publication is focused on a niche topic, like mushroom foraging, readers will want to believe that you are experts with important knowledge about that particular topic. Having a consistent theme running throughout all of your channels that reinforces the themes of your publication establishes trust.  Trust and authority work together to make readers more interested in your content and advertisers more interested in reaching your target audience.

Consistency is cost effective. This is true for regional publishers who might be advertising online using platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Your brand reach goes further if you are saying the same thing across all of your channels.

For example, if someone lands on your website from a paid advertisement, then goes to your Facebook page from a link on your site, you want to be sure that they’re getting the same message in the same voice.

If you are the magazine for deer bow hunters in northeast Arkansas, then validate that message as frequently as possible.

In other words, say it consistently on all of your digital channels so your audience remembers it.

Bring in personality. Something that may be less obvious in terms of driving readership and sales, is that digital channels allow you to add a personality to your publication that readers might not get from your print magazine alone. Some behind the scenes photos, stories behind the content or staff profiles highlight the human side of your brand, which can increase engagement and trustworthiness. When readers and advertisers feel a human connection, it often drives loyalty and positive word of mouth.

Choose what works for you. Having an Instagram account, a Facebook page and a Twitter account are all great ideas, but will be of no use to your business if they aren’t updated frequently with relevant content for your audience. If you have a small staff and don’t have time to manage multiple platforms. Then pick the ones that you think will be easiest to create content for and link to any existing digital channels you use, preferably your website. You can always expand your digital band presence by adding more channels if things are going well.

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