Do you have a CRID (customer registration ID) and a MID (mailer ID)?   If you do, please give those numbers to your account manager. Each mail customer must have their own unique mailer ID to be used in conjunction with the Intelligent Mail Barcode. If you do not obtain your own, we will assign a number to you.

If you do not already have a CRID or MID, you may create an account on the Business Customer Gateway and obtain these numbers.

Start the process here.

Standard Mail (now renamed USPS Marketing Mail)

Option 1 – Mail using the OBP permit 38 from Fulton.

If you wish to, you may use our permit to mail from Fulton, MO. You will need to pay postage (see payment options below) in advance of your mail date each time if you choose this option.

Option 2 – Obtain your own permit and open an EPS account for postage payment.

Apply for your own permit here.

You may apply for your own permit to mail from Fulton (or Bolingbrook if co-mailing) and link that permit to an EPS account for postage payment. If you choose this option, all the forms and instructions are included in the folder called Mail Forms & Guidelines. All permits must be linked to an EPS debit account for postage payment. Use the following links to set up your EPS account:

Option 3 – You may have your own permit for mailings that will drop ship to the location of the permit or you may use your own permit to co-mail it is linked to an EPS debit account.


If you are a Periodical publication we will need to obtain additional entry in Fulton or Bolingbrook. We need your USPS publication number and current offices of publication.

You can find a link to the Application for Additional Entry here.

Are you not mailing Periodicals but are interested in doing so? Start here.


We partner with Fairrington in Bolingbrook, IL to offer co-mailing services and postage savings to our clients. If you mail at least 5,000 copies and your publication is at least 1/16” thick you will qualify. The postage savings is 10% off the calculated stand-alone postage from Fulton. You will need to have an entry open in Bolingbrook (periodicals) or your own permit to mail in Bolingbrook (standard) and you are required to open an EPS debit account for postage payment.

Farrington Comail Users Guide

Mailing Status & Options

Postage Payment

Postage Payment Options

The Ovid Bell Press is required by the USPS to pay postage in advance when customer mail is entered into their system. Therefore, we must have postage funds in advance of the mail date.

There are many ways to get us your postage funds:

Enterprise Payment System (EPS) debit account

We encourage clients to open an EPS account for postage payment. It helps mailers manage postage funding via one centralized account. The EPS payment method isn’t mandatory unless you are co-mailing, but it is a convenient and efficient way to pay postage without having to send a check every time you mail. You can also manage and track all transactions using the USPS EPS account.

Advance payment by mailed check

You may send advance postage by check each time you mail. Please send your payment so that OBP receives it at least one (1) day before your publication is scheduled to mail. Checks should be made payable to The Ovid Bell Press, Inc.

Advance payment by electronic Automated Clearing House (ACH) or wire transfer

Payment by electronic ACH payment or wire transfer are available options. To learn more about or make arrangements for these options, please contact Casey Spurgeon at (800) 835-8919 x3201 or

Permanent deposit

You may send The Ovid Bell Press a postage deposit that we will keep in your account for postage payment. You will pay the postage each time on your invoice, but the postage deposit will remain in your account. It will be refunded if you change payment methods or there is a change in your account.

Mail Lists & Labels


1. Zip or stuff files. This makes files smaller and it also protects file integrity.

2. Files should be Excel spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx) provided that each line in the address is in a separate column. Column headers are required (for example: Name, Title, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Zip) Extraneous columns with internal information should be eliminated.

3. Comma or tab separated data files (.cvs, .dat, etc) are acceptable since they should import easily into Excel if they have been created correctly.

4. Submit a test file prior to the first mailing for processing and evaluation.

Labels for ink jetting at The OBP may have a maximum of 8 lines (first 2 are for USPS use) and a maximum 40 characters per line. Additional messaging area may be placed in-line to the left or right of the label and contain a maximum of 6 lines and 40 characters per line If using a labelaire label the number of lines is 8 and the maximum number of characters is 30.

Mail List Preparation & Label formatting